God Wants to Let Us Into His Heart

Dear brothers and sisters, In the Catechism, we have more wisdom about God and the world than the very wisest person who lived before Christ. Before Christ, wise and self-disciplined people learned about God from the outside – from reflecting on the beauties of creation, for example, or thinking about human experience philosophically. This is what the great religious thinkers of antiquity did – Buddha, Zoroaster, Plato, Aristotle, and others – they dedicated themselves to looking at God from the outside. They learned a lot; there is a lot of truth in what they discovered, just as there would be a lot of truth in what an FBI agent would discover about you or me if he put us under surveilla

Every Christian is a Burning Flame of Grace

Dear brothers and sisters, For the past seven weeks we have kept the Easter Candle here in the sanctuary, lighting it every time we have celebrated Mass. The living flame of the Easter Candle reminded us that Christ is alive, that he rose from the dead just as the sun rises each morning to put an end to the darkness of the night. The tall, white candle with a burning flame on top reminded us of God's faithfulness throughout all of history. It symbolized the two miraculous pillars – smoke by day and fire by night – that had guided the ancient Israelites out of Egypt, through the desert, and to the Promised Land. Now it is Christ, the Risen Lord, who is our pillar of smoke and pillar of fi

Only the Christian is Never Alone

Dear brothers and sisters, This past Thursday, the Solemnity of the Ascension, we did a strange thing – we celebrated our Savior’s departure from earth. He became man and was born on Christmas. For thirty years he lived a hidden life in Nazareth, sharing the mundane struggles experienced by every working family. For three years he travelled around Israel preaching the Gospel, performing miracles, and training his Twelve Apostles. Then, when that work was finished, he redeemed fallen humanity: he reversed the tragedy of Original Sin through his sacrificial passion and death. Finally, to guarantee the trustworthiness of his teaching and his sacrifice, he rose from the dead and appeared t

True Love is Self-Giving, Not Self-Getting

Dear brothers and sisters, Following Christ is not complicated. In fact, today Jesus reduces the essence of what it means to be his follower into one sentence. This sentence is his New Commandment, a commandment that summarizes everything he has taught: “Love one another as I have loved you”: if we do that, we are on Christ’s path, and we will experience the joy and meaning that only God can giv e. To make it even simpler (because he knows that we tend to complicate things unnecessarily), Jesus explains exactly what he means by the word “love,” a word the Devil is always trying to distort: “A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.” In other words, love is

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