Humility Is the Precondition for True Happiness

Dear brothers and sisters, In today’s secularized world, we don’t often talk about the devil, and when we do, it’s usually to make a joke. Jesus didn’t just make jokes about the devil. In fact, the Bible tells us that undoing the devil’s work was the primary reason Jesus came to earth in the first place: “This was the purpose of the appearing of the Son of God, to undo the work of the devil” (1 John 3:8). Today’s First Reading explains why the devil is so important for human history: it was “by the envy of the devil [that] death entered the world.” This happened in the Garden of Eden, with original sin. When our first parents let themselves be deceived by the devil, stopped trusting in

God Treats Us With Respect

Dear brothers and sisters, We tend to take for granted St John the Baptist’s role in the story of Christ – we are so used to it that we can sometimes overlook its importance. We all know that God sent John the Baptist to announce Christ’s arrival. He sent him to prepare the way for the Lord, to get people ready to receive the gospel. However, when we pause and think about it, isn’t there something strange about this mission? Was it absolutely necessary to send a herald ahead of the Messiah? Wasn’t the Messiah capable enough to handle the job himself? Certainly he was. He didn’t actually need John the Baptist to pave the way for him; he consciously chose to do it that way. This choice

Summer Update – Pastoral Planning

Dear brothers and sisters, As we begin the summer months and our vacation, I would like to update you on a few goings-on at St. John’s. As you have heard me mention in my homilies, in the next several months and years we are working on a Pastoral Plan that will be aimed at evangelization and welcoming. This will involve some great challenges and changes to every ministry and effort of our parish staff and volunteers, as to how we can better focus on these goals. In the spirit of disclosure, I have begun to meet regularly with a small group of staff and parishioners which I’m calling the St. John’s Leadership Team: Analia Kolakowski, Lorraine Tacardon, and Ana Garces from the Staff; and Jo

The Real Source of Courage

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus was focused on his mission. He worked hard to communicate his message of salvation, to train his apostles, to heal the sick and comfort the troubled. In fact, he worked so hard to fulfill his mission that it was “impossible for [him and his disciples] even to eat.” Not everyone appreciated Jesus and his dedication to his mission. Even members of his own extended family, St. Mark’s Gospel tells us, thought he was crazy. The more popular and respected religious and cultural leaders of the time rejected him. They actually accused him, as today’s Gospel passage makes clear, of being an instrument of the devil. It must have been hard for Our Lord to stay fo

The Cross is the New Tree of Life and the Eucharist is its Fruit

Dear brothers and sisters, God’s plan for the human family was disrupted by eating. When Adam and Eve, giving into the devil’s temptation, ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil, they disobeyed God. That was original sin. By eating that fruit, they expressed and enacted their desire to live by their own standards, not by God's. However, cutting themselves off from God was a very bad idea. Without God, we are nothing. He is our Creator and the source of all good things. Thus, when the human family rebelled against him through original sin, we expelled ourselves from paradise and put ourselves at the mercy of evil. That’s why the world is so full of misery, suffering, a

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