From the USCCB website: “God’s Vision of Married Love and the Gift of Life”

In Humanae Vitae [which was issued 50 years ago this week] Blessed Pope Paul VI reflects upon how God designed the nature of married love. This he draws from Sacred Scripture and the Catholic Tradition. The Holy Father writes that married love is fully human (involving the body and soul). Married love is total, faithful, and fruitful (see HV no. 9). “Fruitfulness” is discussed primarily in terms of God’s gift of fertility to husband and wife. So important is this gift that Scripture teaches that God calls husband and wife to take up a sacred stewardship over the powers of life that He shares with them (see Gen. 1:26-28; cf. HV, no. 8). Indeed, this gift is directly related to how God cr

Christ's Heart yearns For Our Friendship

Dear brothers and sisters, Today St. Mark gives us one of the most amazing phrases in his entire Gospel. When Jesus gets off the boat and sees the crowd, Mark tells us: “His heart was moved...” Jesus has a human heart, and he took one on purpose: so that he could be close to us. He truly cares for us; he feels our needs and struggles even more deeply than we feel them ourselves, and he continually reaches out to be our leader, our light, and our strength. When we accept these gifts, he is pleased, truly gratified. However, when we reject them, he is hurt, truly stung by our ingratitude. This is the lesson of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which has, through the centuries, confided its sorr

Trust and Perseverance

Every Christian shares in Christ’s mission. When we were baptized, we became members of his Body, that same Body that reaches out to men and women in every age in order to lead them to God. This is the mission Jesus gave his apostles in today’s Gospel: he sent them to reach out to others with Christ’s good news of salvation. In fact, the very word “apostle” comes from the Greek word meaning: “to be sent.” Every Christian shares in this “apostolate.” Every Christian is sent out to bear witness to Christ, to bring his wisdom and his healing touch to those who are in need, spiritually and physically. Under the supervision of our bishops (the successors to these first Twelve Apostles), we a

God Wants Friends, Not Slaves

Dear brothers and sisters, St. Mark makes two puzzling observations in today’s Gospel reading. First, he refers to the “brothers and sisters” of Jesus. How could Jesus have brothers and sisters if Mary remained a perpetual virgin? The puzzle is easily solved: in the Hebrew tradition, this was a reference to Jesus’ relatives – cousins, nephews and nieces, etc. The second puzzle is this. St. Mark tells us that when Jesus first preached to the people in his hometown, he was “amazed at their lack of faith.” They were impressed by his eloquence, but reluctant to believe and obey. They were like the people of Israel as described in today’s First Reading: rebellious, “hard of face and obstin

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