“Master, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.”

Dear brothers and sisters, Following the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, I wanted to share with you a few personal reflections. The issue of clergy sexual abuse is nothing new – I was in my second year of seminary in 2002 when the scandal first broke into the national news in Boston. At that time, my classmates and I only strengthened our resolve answer God’s calling to us, and to live our lives with a commitment to health, happiness, and holiness. It hasn’t always been easy, and there are several priests on the list of accused clergy that I crossed paths with over the years. The priest who first asked me about the priesthood is on the list, as is the priest who preached a

Summer Update

Dear brothers and sisters, Since the summer months are slipping away rapidly, I would like to offer you an update on a few “happenings” at the parish during the past month or so. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes: Our Youth Ministry has been active with several fun activities: outings at Boulder Field, Camel Beach, and our upcoming end-of-the-summer outing to Promised Land State Park. In July, several of our youth also attended the Light the Fire Youth Rally, the ISLI youth leadership retreat, and the Steubenville NYC youth rally at St. John’s University in Queens. Our Youth Ministry leader Judy Thompson is currently leading several youth and adults in a Leadership Training, a

Jesus Wants to Give Us More

Dear brothers and sisters, When we think about happiness, we tend to think about happiness in this life. When Jesus thinks of happiness, his perspective is much bigger. He understands that in this fallen world, weighed down with our fallen human nature, we can only experience partial happiness. There will always be suffering, adversity, and evil, as long as human history lasts. Jesus never promised that believing in him would turn earth into heaven. He did promise, however, as we just heard proclaimed in today’s Gospel, that believing in him will put us on the path to ever-increasing happiness in this life, and total fulfillment in the life to come. That’s his agenda; that’s w

Christians Work for “A Life” and Not Just “For A Living”

Dear brothers and sisters, Last week Jesus performed the multiplication of the loaves, and all the people who witnessed the amazing miracle wanted to make Jesus king. Making Jesus king was the same thing as asking him to lead them in a revolution against the Roman Empire. The Israelites at that period in their history didn’t have their own kingdom. They were an occupied territory, ruled by a Roman delegate, who gave them only very limited powers of self-determination. The massive crowd of would-be revolutionaries was so convinced that Jesus was the perfect revolutionary leader that they followed him across the Sea of Galilee after he sneaked away in the middle of the night. Thus he find

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