Next STEPS Week Three: Serving in Ministry or Missions

Dear brothers and sisters, This week we are speaking about service. Ephesians 5:21 says, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” The word “submission” in our everyday life might seem insulting to our egos, because it can sound like we are called to be weak or a doormat. However, in family life, in the sports field, or at work, think about how many times we already leverage time and energy for the benefit of others. Let’s call this, “mutual submission.” Jesus says in today’s Gospel, “Anyone who gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ, amen, I say to you, will surely not lose his reward” (Mark 9:41). Even a small act of service will make us feel reward

Practicing Prayer – Listening to the Voice of the Good Shepherd

Dear brothers and sisters, We continue in week 2 of our series entitled Next STEPS. These steps are steps to life change. Today we will talk about Practicing faith through prayer and the sacraments. Prayer is not simply “talking to God,” but conversing with God – and a conversation involves both talking and listening. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and like all shepherds Jesus provides direction, protection, provision, and rest for his sheep. Jesus calls his sheep by name (John 10:3-4), and we are called to humbly submit to him (James 4:7). To pray effectively, there are two things we must do: (1) read and get to know God’s Word, especially the Gospels; and (2) pra

Next STEPS – Week One

Dear brothers and sisters, This week, as we kick off various Fall activities in our parish family, we are introducing our first-ever preaching series entitled Next STEPS. This series is an outstanding introduction to the “culture” that we’re trying to cultivate at St. John’s, because it will help to focus us on a big basic question: How do I become a disciple of Jesus? Whether you are a life-long Catholic, a recent convert, or somewhat skeptical about God and faith, this six-week series will speak to you. So often we Catholics offer people a “heap of Catholicism” (i.e. here’s the Catechism – go read all 900+ pages and you’ll know everything); or hoops to jump through (i.e. you’re required

Next Steps for St. John's Church Family

Dear brothers and sisters, As we get into the swing of a new year, I would like to clarify and explain some new initiatives that our church family is going to launch starting in the next few weeks. You probably already know that we’ve been experimenting with new contemporary music at all Masses, and we are still looking for guitarists and vocalists for our weekend Masses (call us if you know anyone!!!!) We are in the process of training and recruiting new ushers and greeters to enhance and organize the experience of welcoming at all Masses. Our major focus for this upcoming year is doing these two things really well, with a sense of excellence and purpose, as part of an intentional multi-yea

Love God, Love People, Make Disciples

Dear brothers and sisters, You probably noticed a few weeks ago that we changed the parish Mission Statement on the front of the bulletin. The previous lengthier statement, which was carefully crafted by the parish Pastoral Council over 10 years ago, will still be on the parish website, but our Pastoral Council at our last meeting had no problem with a shortened statement which we admit was shamelessly copied from other churches: “Love God, Love People, Make Disciples.” These six words sum up our mission as a church. I know that the latest revelations of clergy sex abuse may make it only harder for us to reach out to Bushkill Bob, but our staff and leadership are strengthened in our resol

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Love God, Love People, Make Disciples

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