The Harvest Principle Week 5: Stewardship Sunday

Today is the Feast of Christ the King, and the last week of our fall series the Harvest Principle – “You Reap What You Sow, both later and greater.” As our nation has celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday, it’s time to express gratitude in our church. We are grateful for our hard-working staff who serve our parish in many ways, often unrecognized. We are grateful for our many volunteers who have served for years or have just begun to serve our parish family. We are especially grateful to God for his mercy and grace in our lives and in the life of our church. This past year has been somewhat of a mixed bag. It was just coincidence that our decision as parish leaders to begin a multi

The Harvest Principle Week 4: Growing in Wisdom

You reap what you sow, both later and greater. A few weeks ago, we talked about this in reference to character, the one thing we take with us to heaven. Last week, we talked about finances, and introduced a simple concept: “Give, Save, Spend.” Whatever we give, we’ll reap a reward of treasure in heaven. Today we’re talking about the Harvest Principle regarding wisdom: how can we grow in wisdom? A good definition of wisdom is the ability to judge correctly or follow the best course of action around us based on knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and understanding are the building blocks of wisdom. Wisdom understands both that there is Eternal Life beyond us, and how eternity interse

Harvest Principle Week 3: Give. Save. Spend.

Dear brothers and sisters, The Harvest Principle, “You Reap What You Sow,” applies to all aspects of our life, including finances. This is a message that many people probably feel uncomfortable hearing in church, because our instinct is that our money is private and personal. What we’re ultimately talking about is unleashing the potential for our finances. Some people might have to take the step to admit that they don’t manage their finances well – and lots of people, including myself, never had a great education on this subject. So, whose help is better than God’s help? We’re not offering our own advice here – but a forewarning should be made that God’s advice counterintuitive, unconve

The Harvest Principle Week 2: Character

This series is exploring a simple concept: you reap what you sow. In anything in life, if we sow good seeds we will reap a good harvest, and if we sow the wrong seeds we won’t get the result we want, or we’ll have no harvest at all. This week we look at character: a set of features or traits that shape the inward nature of a person; in other words, the inward values that shape our outward actions. We’ve shaped our character since we were born, and there have been people who have influenced us along the way: parents, family, teachers, coaches. If we were lucky we were shaped with good influences. Even if we were not, the good news is that God wants to shape our character – he wants to sh

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