The Story of Your Life Week 4: Sin and Restoration

Dear brothers and sisters, All throughout history, God has been relentlessly pursuing us. At the same time, Satan is battling to overcome us as well. Every time you or I have a thought of forgiveness or generosity, Satan will remind us of the opposite, and tempt us to sin, or tell us to give up, or that we are not worthy of God’s love. Today’s first reading was taken from the Book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah is a Jew in exile in Persia, along with the exiled Israelite nation; Jerusalem and the Temple have been destroyed and are in shambles. In chapter 1, Nehemiah confesses that it is the sin of the people that have caused this destruction; yet God wants to restore the people. Nehemiah prays,

The Story of Your Life Week 3: Jesus Enters into Our Mess. Invitation into Small Groups.

Dear brothers and sisters, God has been writing an epic story, the story of God’s unrelenting pursuit of a relationship with us, and a battle with Satan ever since the beginning, since Adam and Eve. The presence of God is announced in a very real way in Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Then there is silence; Jesus grows up in the quiet of Nazareth. After Jesus’ baptism, now he’s ready to start a movement that’s going to stretch across centuries to the present day. The first thing Jesus does is to invite Peter, Andrew, Philip, and Nathaniel – he forms a small group. Then he begins his ministry. Jesus knows the power of Satan, and he’s about to battle Satan in the temptation in the desert, al

The Story of Your Life Week 2. Our Early Lives: God is the Main Author.

Dear brothers and sisters, Today we reflect on our early lives. Last week we saw that we have a choice: are we going to live our life just for us, or in God’s greater story? We are not the main author or character in our story. God is the main author, and he plays the main role, but we play a supporting role; we get to co-author with him. As we begin this series, I invite you to pray with Psalm 139, which is a very powerful meditation on our relationship with God. The beginning stanzas express very beautifully that God is in everything; and we can’t escape from him. Then verse 13 says, “You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb.” From the very beginning of our story,

The Story of Your Life: Introduction

Happy New Year! This weekend we are starting a new six-week series, entitled “The Story of Your Life.” This will be an invitation to reflect more deeply on the intersection of our story with God’s story. God’s story is epic. In Scripture we find his story, and the story of the men and women who entered his larger story. Each person was involved in God’s big story. As we celebrate this weekend the Feast of the Epiphany, we hear about the Magi and King Herod. The Magi entered into God’s larger story and made an impact on the world. Meanwhile, Herod focused on himself, and lived a much smaller, less meaningful life. We choose whether to be part of God’s larger story, or our small story

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