180º Week 2: Jesus Wants to Heal our Hearts and Souls

Last week as we opened this series, we talked about the power of the Risen Jesus to turn around our lives, from going in a totally wrong direction, to a right direction. Instead of standing before God in fear, in Christ we can stand before God without fear of judgment and death. Today we will look at how Jesus wants to heal us: not just on the outside, but on the inside, and to do that we’ll look at Jesus’ healing of the paralyzed man in his home base in Capernaum. Read Mark 2:1-11. In this episode, Jesus forgives the paralyzed man’s sins first, before healing his body. He is making a point: that he came to this earth first and foremost to forgive sin. We’ve all been wounded as a resul

180° Week One: Christ Conquers Fear of Judgment and Death

Dear brothers and sisters, Happy Easter! Today we begin a new six-week series called 180°. In recent months, I have been offering my Sunday homilies as multi-week series, and you are warmly invited to come back in the following weeks to hear the next parts of the series. In our lives, sometimes we need little course corrections, but sometimes in big ways we need a complete “180.” This series is all about how Christ suffered, died, and rose from the dead, in order to do the “180’s” in our lives that we cannot do on our own. Today’s message is about the biggest one of all: judgment. When we think about being called to the principal’s office, or being pulled over by a policeman, any thoug

Christ Became Obedient to the Point of Death

Dear brothers and sisters, Welcome to all visitors, and especially all those who join us in church perhaps for the first time in a while. You are welcome here, and you are why we’re here. I also want to personally congratulate our twelve candidates and catechumens who are entering into the fullness of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil this upcoming Saturday. They are the “fruit” of the life of the Risen Christ found at our parish family, centered in the celebration of the Eucharist and in all the Sacraments. “Making Disciples” is at the center of all we say and do as a church family. Holy Week, the most solemn week of the year, is upon us today with Palm Sunday, as our Lord joyfull

Rebuilt Week #5. Church Leadership: Christ Makes All Things New

Dear brothers and sisters, This is the fifth and final week of our series Rebuilt, which has been all about the principles, practices, and attitudes that we think are essential to rebuild our parish. We’ve talked about the mission of the Church to make disciples; that we need to step out in faith; that all church members need to serve in ministry or missions; and that all of us must have a heart for the lost, just as Jesus does. Today we are looking at disciples as leaders. In Revelation 21, we find John the Apostle’s vision of a New Heaven and a New Earth. The image of the holy city and the bride is the Church. In Heaven there is no more pain, crying, or mourning. Then, in Rev 21:5 we

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