Tough Lessons in Discipleship

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus is traveling to Jerusalem for the last time. Along the way, he meets three men who have heard his call in their hearts. These encounters teach us three tough lessons about what it means to follow Christ. First, he teaches us that to follow Christ, we have to transfer our sense of security; we have to relocate it from ourselves to God. This is what Jesus means when he says that “foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to rest his head.” Christ is trustworthy, but he is not predictable. By accepting Christ’s friendship, we agree to follow him, to put our lives under his leadership. Even foxes and birds have the sec

Corpus Christi: Jesus Takes So That He Can Give.

Dear brothers and sisters, Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, the preeminent gift that Christ gives us, that we may become what we receive at Mass, that we may bread for the life of the world. Many times in life God asks us to do or endure difficult things. He asks us to give ourselves to him by obeying his will, when our natural tendency is to do things our own way. He wants us to follow Church teaching and our well-formed conscience, but that often means giving something up. It means self-sacrifice. In those moments, we sometimes turn away from God because we are afraid that if we give something up for God, we won’t have anything left for ourselves. In

Defined in Christ

Dear brothers and sisters, What defines who I am? Is my appearance? No: we get old. Things change; things fall apart. Is it my intelligence? No: our memory starts to fade. Is it athletic ability? No: you get past a certain age and you start to feel that you need a daily dose of WD40 just to keep from breaking down. Is it my work? No: that can change. Is it my own moral righteousness? No: the older we get, the more we realize that on our own we´re not capable of being good. Is it my sins, my history, all the things about my past that I wish I could change? No: My sins do not define who I am. So what does? Today is Trinity Sunday, the mystery of God, who is love, God the Fath

Come Holy Spirit: Happy Birthday Church!

Dear brothers and sisters, Today we celebrate the birth of the Church on the Feast of Pentecost. 50 days after Easter Sunday, the Apostles and the Blessed Mother gathered in prayer, waiting for the promised Spirit to come and transform them into missionary disciples, who would spread the Good News to the ends of the earth. They were the same uneducated, poor, and fearful group as before, but the Life of the Spirit within them now empowered them to go out on a mission that would change the world. As I said last week, our mission as a parish is to Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples. We have the same mission and task as the first small band of believers. If we all cooperated fully w

Love Is Shown In Unity

Dear brothers and sisters, When we want to know how something should be, we look to an expert in that field. For example, a serious basketball player will look to Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry in order to see how the game should be played. A writer will read Shakespeare or Charlotte Bronte or Hemmingway in order to see how writing should be done. When we want to know how to love, we look to God who is love. In the todays’ Gospel reading (John 17:20-26) Jesus tells us that there’s a standard for love. It’s very simple: it’s a person. It’s himself; and the great lesson he shows us today is that love seeks union. Love is measured by unity. First he points to his union with the Father.

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