Praying with Unlimited Faith

Dear brothers and sisters, We’re celebrating the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time – but for a Christian, there is no such thing as “ordinary” time. G.K. Chesterton reportedly affirmed that being a Christian changes everything – even the way you brush your teeth. This is because we are beloved sons and daughters of God. We are called to become increasingly aware of this, and to let that realization inform the way we act. God wants to change us from the inside out; and that means he changes our prayer from the ordinary to the extraordinary by changing us as we pray. What does he ask of us? He asks that we pray with confidence in him (confidence is another name for faith. In fact, it comes f

Friendship with Christ is the One Thing Necessary

Dear brothers and sisters, If Jesus Christ truly is the one Lord of life and history, the one Savior, the one Way, Truth, and Life (which he is), then it is certain that “only one” thing is needed for a fulfilling, meaningful, and fruitful life: to stay as close to him as possible at all times. Much more important than what we can do for Christ is what we can be for him, and what he can be for us. Martha was doing all kinds of tasks, and that was good; but Mary was listening to him, letting him serve her, being his close, intimate friend, and that was even better, “the better part.” Friendship with Christ is the one thing needed. Therefore, our task here on earth is to make a conscious c

Christ Himself is the World’s Good Samaritan

Dear brothers and sisters, The parable of the Good Samaritan is so familiar to us that we often see only one of its dimensions. The dimension we tend to focus on is its presentation of a model for us to imitate. Jesus finishes the parable by saying “Go and do likewise.” In that sense, it is a crystal clear explanation of the great commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself.” If we strive to follow it, we will without a doubt live a worthy, meaningful, and fruitful life. Today the Church reminds us that we should be striving to follow it – but this parable also has another dimension. The Good Samaritan is, above all, a self-portrait of Jesus and what Jesus has done for us - for the hu

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