Response Ability Week 2: Humility and Contrition in Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters, In this series we have been talking about our ability to respond to God’s goodness – how we respond to his goodness and graciousness forms and shapes our own souls. Jesus mentions prayer, fasting, and giving as three basic disciplines of disciples. So far we’ve talked about carving out a specific time and place for daily prayer; and perseverance in prayer. Today we are going to be talking about a basic attitude of our hearts that we need in order to succeed in prayer. Sirach 35:21 says: The prayer of the lowly pierces the clouds; it does not rest till it reaches its goal. This beautiful image on the one hand reminds us that there are “barriers” to our prayer,

Response Ability Week 2: Perseverance in Prayer

In this series we are talking about how we can respond to God’s goodness and graciousness, both in the personal development and formation of our own souls, and by supporting the mission of the Church as disciples. As we said last week, Jesus names three major pillars for our personal growth: prayer, fasting, and giving. Last week we talked about our need for a prayer strategy. This week, we are talking about how so often we feel that we fail in prayer, or that we don’t feel the immediate satisfying effects of prayer. In Genesis 18, we catch a glimpse of a conversation between Abraham and God, right before God is about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, where Abraham’s nephew Lot lives. Read

“Response Ability” Week 1: Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters, Our responsibility as disciples of Christ is to move from passive consumerism, to active commitment: especially by our personal growth and bringing others to Christ. In this series we will talk about this responsibility for growing in our faith, which is always personal. When we look at what Jesus says about personal disciplines or habits, in his great Sermon on the Mount Jesus speaks about prayer, fasting, and giving. Today we will look at what Jesus says about prayer in this message (Matthew 6:5-15). Jesus assumes that ALL of his followers will pray regularly, and we pray not to some kind of distant force in the universe, but to God our Father who is close to

Breathing Room Week 5: Faith and Trust

Brothers and sisters, This is the fifth and final week of our series Breathing Room – the gap, the space, the margin between our current pace of life, and our limits. We all have limits, and when we better understand our limits, we have space to love God and love others; without breathing room, we become selfish because we are so often just fighting to survive. We are looking at how to establish breathing room in our lives: counting the cost in relationship to our limits and making wise decisions based on a better understanding of our limits; coming back to God when we feel overwhelmed; fighting for financial breathing room by learning to live beneath our means; and avoiding the undiscipli

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