Feast of the Holy Family: God Saves the World Through Us

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Christ is God, and God can do whatever he pleases. His authority and power are unlimited. He could have chosen to form a body for the Incarnation out of the dust of the earth, as he had for Adam. Instead, he chose to take on human life in all its dimensions, entering into a family and giving real people – especially Joseph and Mary – crucial roles in the plan of salvation. God didn’t whisk Jesus, Mary, and Joseph away into safety when Herod was looking for them – he entrusted St. Joseph with that task. God didn’t give Mary special powers to know when Joseph was right or wrong – he simply gave her the vocation to be Joseph’s faithful wife and Jesus’ loving moth

Christmas Is Coming Week 4: Hope Fulfilled

Dear brothers and sisters, We come to the conclusion of our Advent series about hope. We have defined Christian hope as a character trait based in the reality of Jesus Christ, flowing from our recognition that we haven’t yet reached perfect satisfaction and completion in life. Hope is a gift of God’s grace and is not something we can earn. Nevertheless, we can cultivate hope through confidence in our thinking, desire to seek and find God’s will for us, and action in progressing toward our deepest desires. We have defined hope as the “sweet spot” between despair which tempts us to think that we will never get there, and presumption which says that our present state in life is all there is

Christmas is Coming Week 3: Waiting in Joyful Hope

Dear brothers and sisters, Thus far during the season of Advent, we have been talking about the virtue of hope. So often every Christmas season, we adults may struggle with a “get it over with” attitude when it comes to the whole Christmas experience. We have lost the joy and hope of Christmas that we all experienced as children, perhaps because of sadness, past wounds, anger, or cynicism. As we have said, hope is a gift of grace, but it is also something that we must cultivate and fight for. Hope includes the key ingredients of confidence in our thinking, desire in our hearts, and action. Last week, we spoke of encouragement in hope. We are not alone in our quest for hope. Christian

Christmas is Coming Week 2: Encouragement to Have Hope

Dear brothers and sisters, If you missed last Sunday’s message as we kick off the Advent Season, we are dedicating an entire series on the virtue of hope. Let me bring you up to speed: so often if we are honest, we as adults have a “get over it” mentality when it comes to the Christmas season; we’ve lost the “hope” that we had as children of a joyful anticipation of this holy season. Christianity is a religion of hope, and if we have hope, we acknowledge that we’re not at the end of the journey; we are not yet “there;” but we indeed have a goal, a purpose, a meaning for our lives. Last week we spoke of hope as requiring certainty in our thinking, desire in our hearts, and specific action

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