Greater Than Week Four: Repenting of Worry

Dear brothers and sisters, Today we wrap up our January series: God is greater than our worry! We’ve been saying that if we realize worry is a choice, we can find ways to lessen and even eliminate it in our lives. We’ve said to take Jesus’ advice to seek first God and his righteousness through prayer, and to live and deal with concerns in the present moment, instead of worrying so much about the future. We live in the present more easily and without worry, as we’ve said, when we believe God’s promise: that he will give us all the power and strength that we’ll ever need, to tackle any future problems we may have, even those that overwhelm us. Today we will look at what to do when we fai

Greater Than Week 3: Finding Strength in Christ

Dear brothers and sisters, During the course of this series, we’ve talked about worry; and recall that we need to believe that worry is a choice as Jesus states when he says “do not worry” (Matthew 6:31,34); and that worry is not merely something that we just fall into and cannot have some control of. Jesus reminds us that worry does not add anything in our life, and he gives two strategies to handle worry: to seek first God’s kingdom; and to live in the present moment. Last week we looked at how we can seek first God’s kingdom through prayer, specifically prayer of praise, petition, and thanksgiving. Today we address how to live in the present. Paul says to the Philippians: I rejoice gr

Greater Than Week 2: Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Dear brothers and sisters, In this series we are talking about overcoming worry. Last week we talked about worry as a choice, and how we can choose to seek first the Kingdom of God. However, when we face extremely serious and challenging situations in our lives like sickness or unemployment, it can feel trite and unhelpful to suggest “don’t worry.” Because of the particular circumstances of our lives, we might be tempted to just dismiss Jesus’ instruction to stop worrying. Notice what St. Paul says to the Christian community in Philippi, just as he finds himself in prison, in chains: Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice! (Philippians 4:4). Paul does not say to rejo

“Greater Than” Week 1: Choosing Not to Worry

As we begin a New Year, today we begin a new series as the Church celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany. The new series, entitled, “Greater Than,” is all about worry and fear. Typically, we all have a lot of things we are worried about. We worry about our family, our children, our finances, our job security, our retirement savings, and many other things. Worry can be defined as “giving away to unease and anxiety.” If we acknowledge that our worries are at least partly a conscious choice in which we “give way” to something, then we have a chance to control these fears in the light of faith. Of course, we all have different worries according to our place and state in life, but we can prob

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