(Im)Possible Week 3: Finding our Deepest Fulfillment in God

Dear brothers and sisters, This is the third week of our Easter series, where we are looking at the connection between faith and hope. Faith is belief that God is good and true, and that he is faithful to his promises. Hope is faith directed toward the future, and is connected to our desire for happiness. Hope rooted in faith tells us that goodness is coming our way. I asked last week, “What are you hoping for?” This is a tricky question in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, but for the believer, our hopes ought to be for a transformation of character, that will be fully capable of receiving God’s blessings. What do we think will bring us happiness? Today we pick up from where we left

(Im)possible Week 2: Faith in our true Inheritance, and Hope in times of Tribulation

In this Easter series, in this midst of this COVID-19 crisis, we are speaking about the connection between faith and hope. The first disciples had lost hope, but as they came to faith in the Resurrection, they gained new hope for the future, even though their external circumstances had not changed. Faith is belief in God’s promises; and hope is confident faith directed toward the future. Hope is usually directed toward something concrete – what are you hoping for? This can be a tricky question right now, but our Christian faith gives us a starting point to stand upon. The First Letter of Peter says: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who in his great mercy gave us a

Easter 2020. Christ Is Risen! “(Im)Possible” Week 1

Dear brothers and sisters, Christ Is Risen! He Is Truly Risen! Even in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we celebrate with joy and excitement Christ’s victory over death. There is a popular meme going around saying, “Easter changed everything. This year, everything has changed.” In this crisis, there is an opportunity to reflect and deepen our belief in the one most defining event of our Christian faith – the empty tomb – and what it means for us. At the Church of St. John, our mission continues now more than ever, because with so much uncertainty and fear going around these days, our message provides unwavering hope. So many people right now feel in the dark, just like Jesus’ closes

Holy Week 2020: United with Christ in the Cross and Resurrection

Dear brothers and sisters, Although we are experiencing extraordinary circumstances, we also have an extraordinary opportunity to grow in faith, as we enter Holy Week this year. If you are able, I encourage you to make this week a time of retreat and prayer at home. I am grateful for St. John’s parish family coming together in so many ways during this time. We are unable to celebrate Mass and devotions as we normally would, but Christ is in our midst whenever we gather in his name! He has suffered his glorious Passion, and has conquered death, that we may truly live! Now, more than ever, people need hope. I encourage all parishioners to “share” and pass on our Church online events and

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