Standing on the Rock Week 5: The Church is Apostolic. We are Called and Sent Out under the Banner o

Dear brothers and sisters, Today we conclude our August series with a reminder that the Church was founded by the Apostles. The word “Apostle” means “he who is sent;” these Twelve were sent and commissioned by the Risen Christ a mission to Go and Make Disciples (Matthew 28:19). As a result, we know that most of the Apostles also gave their lives as martyrs, imitating the cross. In today’s Gospel reading (Matthew 16:21-27), Peter balks at the thought that Christ must deny himself and take up his cross. Last week Our Lord was praising Peter’s faith; this week he is condemning his worldly outlook. In today’s Gospel Our Lord teaches us that the cross is a part of our life whether we want it

Standing on the Rock Week 4: the Church is Catholic. A firm Rock and a continuing Mission.

We continue our August series by exploring the third mark of the Church – the Church is Catholic. The word “catholic” means “universal,” and throughout 2000 years of Christian history, and in every continent and country in the world, in almost every language and culture, the Catholic Church has a visible presence, even if very small in some places. We hear in today’s Gospel passage the story of Peter’s profession of faith (Matthew 16:13-20), and perhaps the most memorable words in Jesus’ response to Peter are “rock” and “keys.” “Rock” refers to the unshakable foundation Jesus has given to his Church, including a visible structure: the pope, the successor of Peter; and the bishops througho

Standing On the Rock Week 2: The Church is Holy, and Holiness is for Everybody

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus had a specific mission to accomplish during his earthly lifetime. He was to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies and lay the foundation for the universal Sacrament of salvation, the Church. He stayed focused on that mission – Jesus never traveled to exotic locations like Rome and Spain; he never visited the intellectual powerhouses of Athens and Alexandria. Those countries and the rest of the world outside Palestine would receive God’s truth and grace not from him directly, but later, through his body, the Church. Yet when the Canaanite woman approaches him in today’s Gospel reading (Matthew 15:21-28), and by her faith, humility, and persistence, moves hi

Standing On the Rock Week 2: The Church is One in Christ through Prayer

This is the second week of our August series, which is about finding firm footing in Christ and in the Church. At the beginning of today’s Gospel (Matthew 14:22-33), St. Matthew tells us that Jesus went up into the hills by himself to pray. He had just finished a very long day teaching the crowds, healing the sick, and performing the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves. At the beginning of that day he had received the news about John the Baptist’s death (14:13). At the time, he had wanted to go off alone to pray, perhaps to mourn the loss of John, but the crowds wouldn’t let him. Now we see that although he delayed his time of prayer out of compassion for the crowds, he didn’t s

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