“Who Do You Think You Are?” Week 4: Our Identity as Servants of Christ.

Dear brothers and sisters, This is our final week of our September series, in which we’ve been talking about the various ways in which we shape our own identity, and more importantly, how God shapes our identity, and how over the course of our lives we need to be switching from how we come to define ourselves, to God’s view of us. We’ve talked about basic truths: how we are chosen, how we are beloved, and how we are disciples or friends of Christ. In the final week of this series, we will look how God calls us to be a servant. Jesus did a lot of serving, and you probably familiar with what he says about service: “For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life

“Why Do You Think You Are?” Week 3: Our Identity as Friends of Christ

Dear brothers and sisters, We are in the third week of our September series, which is about our identity. Your identity is what makes you, “you.” During the course of this series, we are looking at who God says we are, at the core of our being. In the first week we talked about our identity as “chosen.” Last week we talked about God calling us “beloved,” and our identity being formed by God’s love and forgiveness. We look at many different things to form our identity. One way we form our identity might be about who we have met, or who we know. If we know the right people, or if we have the right circle of friends, then that makes us feel important in some way. Have you ever met a famo

“Why Do You Think You Are?” Week 2: Our Identity as Beloved of God.

Dear brothers and sisters, We are in the second week of our September series, which is about our identity in God. We said last week that our identity, or at least who we think we are, forms the foundation of our choices and decisions, fuels our confidence and sense of purpose, and determines nearly every aspect of our lives. Over the course of this series, we are exploring our sense of identity and the more solid foundation we can find, beyond money, cars, schools, sports and kids, in a life lived according to what God’s Word says about who we are. Last week we talked about God calling us “chosen.” This week we are talking about God calling us “beloved.” This might be hard for us to comp

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Week 1: We belong to God’s Family

We being a new preaching series for the month of September, and it’s all about our identity. Our true identity is sometimes different than what we think our identity is. Our sense of identity, as we learn this weekend, really matters. It drives our actions and our decision making. It determines the health of our relationships. It decides what we value in life. Today’s Gospel reading (Matthew 18:15-20) is taken from Jesus’ fourth great speech or discourse in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 18; and this discourse, which we will hear from the next two weeks, is about the church community. Jesus teaches his disciples, and us, that his church is going to be marked by several important charac

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