St. John's Survey

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Church of St. John 3 minute SURVEY
(we are listening!)


CHOICE:  It is up to you if you would like to be anonymous or not.  All answers are kept confidential.


Name & Contact Info (optional)__________________________________


What Age Group are you in?


  1. Teenager

  2. 18-35

  3. 36-50

  4. 50-65

  5. 65+


  1. In school?

  2. Employed?

    1. Full time?

    2. Part Time?

    3. Retired?


Where do you live?   What Township do you live in?  (if you’re not sure, what County do you live in?)


  1. Middle Smithfield

  2. Smithfield

  3. Price

  4. Lehman

  5. Other


  1. Pike County

  2. Monroe County

  3. I vacation here/I’m a visitor


How often do you come to St. John’s? 


  1. I don’t come to St. John’s

  2. Usually just holidays

  3. Holidays and family events, such as Masses for family members, sacraments (first holy communion, baptism, etc)

  4. Saturday/Sunday Mass most of the time

  5. Saturday/Sunday plus weekday

  6. Saturday/Sunday Mass plus Holidays

  7. Saturday/Sunday Mass plus Holidays plus Holy Days of Obligation



Why do you come to Mass?




What would make you come more often?





Are you engaged in any parish groups, activities, or events?




  1. Charismatic

  2. Focolare Word of Life

  3. Altar Server

  4. Music

  5. Tech

  6. Decorating

  7. Social Justice

  8. Mady’s Kitchen

  9. Special Needs

  10. Pastoral Council

  11. Finance Council

  12. Hospitality

  13. Bereavement

  14. Knights of Columbus

  15. Columbiettes

  16. St. John’s Seniors

  17. Youth Ministry

  18. Bible Study

  19. Pre-School




  1. Summer Soire

  2. New Year’s Eve

  3. St. Patty’s

  4. Family Picnic

  5. Yard Sale

  6. Other


What groups or activities do you belong to outside the parish?  (Sports?  Clubs? Committees?)











What advice do you have for church leadership?



















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