Directions for on-line giving

When you sign up for on-line giving, if you feel you want to do something when the basket comes around, you can ask at the office for the

"I give electronically" cards

that you can put in the basket in lieu of an envelope.

What you will see...

March 15, 2018

When you click On-line Giving it will take you to this page. The first time you

go to this page you will have to set up a profile. You will only do this once.

Click on the button that says "Create Profile". 

First Time Users - Create Profile

March 15, 2018

Go to Create profile & this screen will come up. Fill out the pertinent information & when you're done hit  button"Create Profile" on the bottom. Now you have created your profile. Log out & then log back in using your email address & your password. 

Setting Up Your Donations

March 15, 2018

Once you log in you will see this page. Click on the add transaction button.

Select Your Donations

March 15, 2018

You will now see this page & you can begin selecting your donation.

First select General Fund - Then choose frequency. It can be one time or monthly, weekly etc. this can be changed again at any time. - Choose donation date. It must be after today's date. - Choosing an end date is optional. You may leave it open.

When you are done hit "Continue

Choose type of account

March 15, 2018

Once you have selected your donation amount & frequency you will be directed to this page

"Donation Information" to set up the type of account it will come from. 


Credit Card

Debit Card

Fill Out Account information

March 15, 2018

Once you select the type of account you will have to fill in your banking information. 

Follow the directions.

You may also edit your donation information here if you want to make any

changes to your previous selection. 

When you're done hit "Submit"

Check your Information

March 15, 2018

Once you hit Submit this page will come up & you should check all your information.

You can go back & fix anything at any time. 

If you have chosen more than a one-time frequency you will not have to do

any of this again. 

Please reload

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