The Real Source of Courage

Dear brothers and sisters,

Jesus was focused on his mission. He worked hard to communicate his message of salvation, to train his apostles, to heal the sick and comfort the troubled. In fact, he worked so hard to fulfill his mission that it was “impossible for [him and his disciples] even to eat.” Not everyone appreciated Jesus and his dedication to his mission. Even members of his own extended family, St. Mark’s Gospel tells us, thought he was crazy. The more popular and respected religious and cultural leaders of the time rejected him. They actually accused him, as today’s Gospel passage makes clear, of being an instrument of the devil. It must have been hard for Our Lord to stay focused on his mission, to be faithful to what his Father had sent him to do, when he ran into so much opposition, mockery, and misunderstanding. Yet he persevered. He didn’t let criticism, rejection, jealously, mockery, or persecution of any kind interfere with his loving fulfillment of God’s will. Where did he get the courage to be true to his identity and mission even when those closest to him were rejecting him? He found it in his relationship with the Father – his heart was anchored not in the shifting sands of this fallen world, but in the everlasting love of the Lord, in doing God’s will. As today’s Psalm puts it: “My soul looks for the Lord more than sentinels for daybreak.” We too find it difficult to be faithful to our mission in life, to God’s will for us, to his commandments and to the circumstances that he permits to trouble us. We too run into opposition, mockery, misunderstanding. We too need courage. So we too need to anchor our hearts in the Lord, so that we can persevere, be strong, and endure.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make last weekend’s Ministry Fair a success! Also, congratulations to our recent graduates from our local high schools. May God bless you and be with you in this major step in your life’s journey. We are looking for a guitarist / song leader to help us at our Saturday Masses and introduce some more contemporary music to our worship; please see the advertisement in the bulletin.

With blessings,

Fr. Reichlen

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