Expecting Miracles: The Importance of Preparation

December 8, 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

            As we continue our series, this week we are talking about preparing for miracles.  What are you doing this week to get ready and prepare for Christmas?  I’m sure there are many things: wrapping presents, shopping, going to various holiday events with your children and grandchildren.  Why is preparation important for any endeavor we take?  What happens when we don’t prepare?  This week’s Gospel reading is Luke 3:1-6, the appearance of John the Baptist, who came on the scene to prepare the way of the Lord.  You are invited this week to continue to pray for the miracle you expect this Christmas.  Questions for small groups:

  1. What words or phrases pop out as you heard the reading from Luke?  Why do they strike you?

  2. John preaches repentance, which simply means a sorrow for our sin that leads to change. Why is sorrow sometimes needed to help us make changes in our life?

  3. When in your life has sorrow or regret helped you to make changes such as losing weight, getting out of debt, etc.?

  4. What situations in your life sadden you right now and you want to see change?

  5. Read aloud verses 4-6; what does it mean to you to “prepare the way of the Lord?”

  6. What small thing can you do to prepare the way for a miracle?

All are invited to St. John’s next Sunday December 16 at 7 pm to our Second Annual Advent Lessons and Carols, led by St. John’s Music Ministry.  Many thanks to Erik, Gil, Nancy, and all of our talented musicians for their preparation and efforts. 

With blessings,

Fr. Reichlen




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